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Marketing in the Real Estate World

Although marketing is present in virtually every business, depending on the type of business it can look extremely different than one would expect. After getting the opportunity to talk with Maggie Cornelius, she explained how marketing works in her aspect of the business world; real estate. Maggie currently works as the marketing manager of South Shore Southeby’s, an international realty in Duxbury Massachusetts. She explains how marketing looks from a real estate perspective and how she manages promoting the company.


Advertising Real Estate

Marketing real estate properties or a real estate company can be a complex process. Maggie explains how she utilizes different advertising techniques to bring in business. “I do print advertising, digital advertising, and we just launched a new website that I oversee”. She explains how its important to tell a story within real estate advertising. “You want to create an image for customers that shows how they could live their life in this house”, Maggie says. This is done through focusing on the customers and helping them picture their life in a new home. Through photographs and lifestyle videos, Maggie helps bring the property listings to life.


Utilizing Social Media

As social media continues to grow as one of the top ways to advertise and promote a business, Maggie explains how she utilizes different platforms to her advantage. She explains how she not only runs the company’s social media but also helps realtors manage their own personal accounts which in turn helps the business. Due to the recent pandemic, social media has become even more relevant. Maggie explains how she uses platforms such as Facebook to do live showings which allow customers to experience the home without having to physically be there. To help keep up with social media tasks, Maggie uses the ‘Later’ app which allows you to sync your social media accounts and schedule a time for posts while also tracking analytics. While helping realtors manage their Instagram profiles, Maggie helps by posting a blend of both personal and business content.

“People want that connection, they want to see that you’re a real person. You can mix in the corporate side but it needs to be a healthy blend”.

She explains how even if the goal is to improve business, it is important to show your personal life on social media since it is the personal aspect that grabs people’s attention. For real estate specifically, she discusses how she posts a mix of personal content along with house listings and occasional tips and tricks for homeowners. This variety keeps viewers engaged with the company’s social media and promotes their business at the same time.


Knowing your Audience

Understanding your audience is one step that is essential to successful marketing. Maggie explains that a big challenge she faces within her company is how to balance an international status while being located in a small, local town. Maggie explains, “You don’t want to act too big or too global that your town can no longer relate to you”. Since their target audience is those within their local town in Massachusetts, it is important that she caters to the resident’s needs and focuses on her realistic potential customers. She also expresses how to deal with competitors within the real estate world, such as sites like ‘Zillow’. While Zillow offers many of the same aspects as a real estate company, it is essential to add components that provide extra value to customers. “We will have the general information on listings, the same that our competitors would have, but then we can offer a lifestyle video to give a more in depth look of the property. We do blogs about some properties to showcase all it has to offer, its really about standing out from your competitors.” Maggie explains how all of these extra components add value to the real estate company and attract customers to their company, rather than the competitors.

“If I can tell the story of a property in a different, more in-depth way, people recognize that we are going above and beyond for them.”

Focusing on potential consumers and showing them the value you offer them is what will attract their business. Maggie says that the lifestyle videos she advertises is just one way that she sets Southby apart from competitors. By showing customers a video of people living in a home, it not only advertises the property but also caters to the consumers personal lifestyle needs.

Within real estate or any company, Maggie explains that it is important to find your niche and what you excel at and market it. “Some people are very design focused and are good at visualizing a space, some people are better at writing or analyzing data. It’s all about promoting your strengths”. Lastly, Maggie says creating content is the biggest key to success. “If you’re not posting at all or doing anything to market yourself, no one can find you”. Posting content consistently on social media and engaging with potential clients is the key to successful marketing within real estate.



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