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Building Your Brand with Alexa D’Agostino

brand may be the most important aspect in any company or person. Your brand not only defines who you are, it also tells everyone what you offer. Whether it be a company or personal brand, it is important to know how to advertise yourself or your company to others and use your image to your advantage. Tribe recently got the opportunity to sit down and talk with entrepreneur, businesswoman, marketer, and content creator, Alexa D’Agostino. Alexa has experience working for companies of all sizes and industries, from Apple and WebMD to small Mom and Pop shops. With the knowledge she learned from each experience, Alexa took business into her own hands and has opened up five of her own businesses. Since then, she realized her true passion was teaching others what she has learned and helping people grow their own businesses from the ground up. On a day to day basis, Alexa finds herself completing whatever tasks her client needs. “I could be building a website one day and I could be managing a 5-million-dollar marketing campaign the next day,” Alexa states in her interview. Alexa says she brings something different to the table than most marketers and explains, “I have a range of different expertise in marketing, from traditional and digital advertising, to branding, to web development”. She teaches others how to build their brand from scratch and told us exactly how anyone can build their own business and her top tips for getting your name out there.  


Where to Start

Alexa emphasizes the point that every client is different and as a marketer you have to be prepared to do something new for every project. In order to do this, strategy is the most important skill to possess. Alexa explains that, “Everyone has knowledge…you just need to learn how to monetize it.” 

In regards to building her own businesses and brand, Alexa says that creating personal relationships can be used as a form of advertising. She explains how referral has gotten her hundreds of clients and is a cycle of old clients helping bring in new ones and how important it is to build positive customer relationships. To those who are trying to open their own business, Alexa says its most important to start off by building both a personal and business brand. 

“Your personal brand is important and will come through in your business. People buy people, they want to see who you are, and you need to work on how you want to be perceived by others.”

She explains how content development is another key component along with optimizing your social media and utilizing the right platforms for your own business. Overall, social media not only gets your name out into the online world but it can also be a great way to advertise and engage with potential customers. Different social media platforms can be used for different goals, so it is important to use different platforms. For example, Alexa says she uses Instagram to connect with her followers and build a connection but for advertising she would suggest using Facebook advertising.  Simple things can make or break your social media accounts so pay attention to details like making sure your bio is up to date and you have a website link. You also must understand how to advertise for your specific business. Advertising for a small company versus a large one can be drastically different, so learn your options. “I am a big believer in both traditional and digital marketing,” Alexa says, “I think radio, Pandora, or Hulu advertising is still a great option if you’re looking to advertise. Also outdoor advertising, especially if you’re in a big city”. She goes on to explain how its important to know your environment and crowd, explaining how outdoor advertising in a big city such as Chicago or New York is likely more beneficial than a small town and overall says a mix between both traditional and digital advertising is the key to success. 


Utilizing Instagram

With more and more social media platforms being created, Instagram is currently her top medium for advocating her business and gaining clients. “You don’t need to have 50,000 followers to get business from it, anyone that has an Instagram with good content and knows how to sell can gain success from the app,” Alexa states. With over 500 followers on her Instagram account, MarketingByModification, she explains how she has already gained 4 clients in just 4 weeks by utilizing the social media site and says anyone is capable of this. “With over 800 million users on Instagram, do not overlook it as a way to gain business. One study said that over 75% of users said they would buy something off Instagram. It’s a platform that people trust, and everyone should be utilizing that.”

“If you want success from Instagram, you have to put your face out there. You have to show people who you are, what you know, and your personality.”

Alexa explains that since there are millions of users that are likely checking Instagram several times a day, it is important to post often and post content your followers are interested in. She posts on Instagram once a day and also utilizes Instagram stories to post more content. Interacting with followers is also important and Alexa makes a point to respond to DM’s and comments on her posts which helps build a relationship with her followers. 

While building a brand for yourself or a company takes time and hard work, Alexa says anyone is capable of doing so, “You have to put effort and time in but if you really are passionate and willing to do the work, anyone can make a six figure business”. She explains how in the real world, there is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme that will make you successful but if you are willing to work hard, success is available to all. 


Check out Alexa’s social media here!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marketingbymodification/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexadagostino?lang=en



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