23 May 2020  in  Blog Post

You must be familiar with the fact that job hunting has been often compared to a dating process: you gotta be clear on what you’re looking for, you have to be able to “sell” yourself, you will probably have to meet a lot of people before you find “the one”, and other similarities. However, we thought why isn’t then the job search approached using the same principles as modern dating apps?
When it comes to those, apps like Tinder and such take into consideration multiple data points: interests, hobbies, lifestyle preferences all to find the “perfect match” because a) they want the whole dating experience to be an easy ride and b) they want it to last! When it comes to job searching, why don’t we apply the same data points? More often than not we just go by a simple skill match and overlook a lot of other important factors such as the company’s “interests” and values. Imagine if there was a dating app algorithm for recruitment? Mismatches based on those factors would be simply eliminated. 

In other words candidates and companies would not be “swiping right” on the wrong matches. We obviously can’t speak for all the specialties but in order to attract the right marketer, we believe that it is important to have a strong employer brand so that not only they align their mission the one of the company but also be able to better express it to the customers. According to Growth Engineering, “Research shows that 73% of employees who report working for a ‘purpose-driven’ company are engaged compared to just 23% at ‘non-purpose driven’ companies.” How do we achieve that alignment between a marketer and their company? By making sure that the marketer’s profile is a good match based not just on the skillset set but also business industry and business values. 

Hand in hand with that goes the fact that the best way for marketers to understand consumer motivation is to be able to put themselves into their shoes which means having a pre-existing affinity or affiliation with the product or service that they are marketing. Hence why it is important that aspects such as the business industry, mission, and values of the brand should be taken into consideration when trying to find the right project or position. Because when it comes to marketing, you’re telling a story to the world. And you’d want to be able to tell that story passionately.

Here at TRIBE, we merge the principles of a professional network with those of a dating app, which gives digital marketers a unique opportunity to find that “perfect match”. Let’s look at the formula here: when becoming a TRIBE member you put in those data points regarding your industry expertise, interests, and values and you get shown the jobs and projects that match your unique profile. Sounds like something you’d want to try out? Click here and get started

About Naomi L.

Naomi is a content marketing coordinator @ TRIBE.

"Digital Marketing isn’t only about the numbers or campaigns that you run, it’s about the important stories that you tell."

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