15 May 2020  in  Blog Post

Amid unprecedented times, you may be wondering: since the majority of consumer brands can’t engage with their customers at their physical stores are they coming up with any innovative ways to make up for it digitally?

The answer is “Yes, they are!” They’re handling the issue at stake extremely well and we wanted to give them a shout out here.

Salsa For Cinco

Tostitos teamed up with husband and wife Mario and Courtney Lopez for “Salsa For Cinco,” an online Salsa dance fundraiser for the Unidos US Esperanza/Hope Fund which will then provide emergency funding for low-income Latino families. The nonprofit organization strives to raise awareness about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Latino community, specifically.
Tostitos is donating $100,000 to this campaign and will donate $5 for every person who joins the live stream as well. Dancing is so fun, but isn’t it even better when it’s for a good cause?

Where's The Beef?

As a way to engage with their customers and also pose a fun way to spend time, Wendy’s has launched an amazing virtual hunt called“Where’s The Beef?” ​
Where's the Beef is a combination roll and move/memory game. Food tiles are randomly placed face down on the board, which is the layout of a typical Wendy's menu. Players take turns moving through the restaurant. When they come across a face-down tile they can secretly look at it. Some tiles prescribe certain actions. Others are food and have no effect. Afterward, the player returns the tile to the original position. The object is to be the first player to find the 4 hidden The Beef tokens.
It’s a fun way to connect with your friends over their love for food, but over a game, this time. They have also been giving away $5,000 in gift codes through early May. What a great way to draw in those Wendy’s fans even though they can’t easily step outside and get it!

Margarita-Making Class

Patrón’s hosted Instagram Live event featuring 20 bartenders across the country giving tips on at-home margarita making. Patrón’s VP of Marketing Adrian Parker has appeared live on Ad Age Remotely to discuss how the tequila brand is leaning into e-commerce. 

This is another fun way for the tequila brand to engage with their followers and continue to market their products as they’re hosting free, fun, and live webinars about how to make at-home margaritas.

Google My Business

Businesses are utilizing this platform to communicate any updates while being completely transparent with one another. 

When customers are looking to get information regarding a company, they will use this platform to find out any new updates. Day-to-day proceedings are always on this platform. Overall, this is an amazing source for workers and customers to check if the company is still up and running.


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