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Forget Being Seen as Just A Set of Skills

The majority of time throughout our career we pursue the opportunities based solely on the experience requirements and only a few of us get lucky to work for a brand that we’re personally interested in. With TR|BE you get the opportunity to match with the roles or projects based not just on your skillset but also your industry expertise, interests, and values.

Fasttrack The Interviews

We know that having to rely on a screening (and sometimes even prescreening) process of HR departments of many companies deprives you of a lot of viable opportunities. After becoming a TR|BE member you skip that process and go directly to the interviews since all of our members go through a verification process as part of their registration.

Get to Be Proud of Yourself

We’re not going to tell you how much more productive and creative we are working for a company whose product or service we understand and/or are personally interested in. This gives us an opportunity to outdo ourselves and enjoy that feeling of fulfillment knowing we made a difference for someone’s business.

Get Guided Through the Posting Process

Posting a job or a project with Tribe is a stress-free process because our system takes you through a guided questionnaire which will take you less than 10 min to complete. You plug in the desired skills, your business industry, and company values and we do the rest by matching you with the best-suited candidates.

Save Time on Screening

Every candidate has to go through a set of tests and a video interview to be able to publish their profile, thus we make sure that you getting matched only with verified experts which allows you to pretty much skip the screening process and get down to interviewing the best-looking matches.

Maximize ROI of Your Marketing Dollars

Finding someone who not only has the right skillset but also understands your business industry and shares the same values means less time spent on onboarding, higher retention rate, but, most importantly, a highly effective digital campaign.

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It is free to post a job and see the matches, however, to contact them you’ll need to purchase a membership.
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