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TRIBE is a startup social enterprise seeking to create equal opportunity & diversity in the industry of digital marketing services by making those services more accessible. To achieve that we are striving to create a full ecosystem of digital marketing talents, teams, and tools.  
Equal opportunity is meant for anyone executing digital marketing services as well as for businesses/organizations looking for them. The platform is designed to give equal exposure to various talents as well as giving equal access to those talents to the businesses/organizations in need of their services. Diversity is sought after by creating profiles based on three key elements: skills, business industry expertise/interests, and values. 
The final goal is to increase the quality of digital marketing services provided globally which means helping advance businesses/organizations receiving those and creating a "cleaner" digital space.  



TRIBE started as an idea of making better matches between digital marketers and companies wanting to hire them, using the algorithm almost like in a dating app where both can plugin not just skills or the requirements for those but also "interests" (read: business industry) and even values. Why? Two big reasons. One is because there's no exclusive talent marketplace for digital marketing. We, as marketers, are scattered among many different platforms, social media networks and the word of mouth; the same pain is felt on the employers' side, they struggle to find us. Reason two is that for marketers, more than for any other specialty out there, working in/for the business industry (= product or service) we like or understand directly affects how creative and productive we are.



While working on the platform's prototype we realized that we wanted TRIBE to be much more than just a talent marketplace, we want it to be a full ecosystem of "all things digital" which means having representation for digital agencies as well various digital tools. Whether you are looking for digital marketing talent for hire or collaboration or want to see what tools are out there for various types of research, analytics or automation, TRIBE is the place to be. 




We are planning on adding a peer-to-peer mentorship program as well as working with select public schools on creating formal educational modules and programs in digital marketing (which has not been introduced/recognized as a major yet). Finally, there will be a digital transparency public education program aimed at better informing the public about how their personal is processed and used in various digital marketing techniques. 




TRIBE is currently seeking seed capital, if you're interested in an investment opportunity please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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